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ESP Pumps

Improve reliability and maximize flow

Increase efficiency and lift capability with high-performing ESP pumps

Increase hydraulic efficiency and lift capability with REDA ESP pumps. Our process uses computational fluid dynamics modeling and prototype performance verification to optimize internal pump geometry and flow profiles in order to produce maximum-possible efficiency and lift.

Assembled in a compression, factory-shimmed design, the pump shafts are matched at the factory to enable the axial thrust transfer directly to the high-load protector bearing—eliminating time-consuming, error-prone field shimming procedures, reducing the cost of ownership and installation, and maintaining ESP system applicability and reliability.

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Artificial Lift Insights: A Q&A with Unconventional Sales Manager Dean Aylett
Why is producing an unconventional well so difficult, and how does the latest generation of Continuum ESP pumps make it easier? Experience and continuous improvement
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