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REDA High-Efficiency ESP Pumps

Combining hydraulic efficiency and lift performance

Production rates from 200 to 95,000 bbl/d with boost pressures of up to 6,000 psi
Corrosion-resistant coatings and stainless steel construction for corrosive environments
Casing sizes from 4.500 in to 13.625 in

Extend system run life with high-efficiency ESPs

REDA high-efficiency ESP pumps are multistage centrifugal pumps used in a variety of oil industry and non-industry applications. In addition to typical oil, water, and brine production, they are used for booster service, ballast transfer, waterfloods, direct injection, cavern storage, mine dewatering, fire protection, irrigation, and commercial water systems.

Each ESP pump consists of a rotating impeller and a stationary diffuser that are designed to deliver hydraulic efficiency and optimal lift performance.

High-Efficiency Motor
REDA ESP Systems Technology Catalog
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Optimize performance in abrasive applications

To maintain optimal performance within corrosive or abrasive wells, the ESP pump materials are constructed from MONEL alloy shafts, which are standard on all pumps. Optional high-strength shaft material is also available.

The patented ARZ abrasion-resistant zirconium bearings and compression-ring construction are the most technologically advanced components for submersible pumps available. The compliant-mounted zirconium bearings have repeatedly shown 100 times less wear than hardened alloy bearings in tests and actual field performance.

High-Efficiency Pumps
REDA High-Efficiency Pumps
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