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Strategic production planning service

Optimize artificial lift selection to balance economic and technical constraints

Simplify the process of selecting an artificial lift strategy that will best achieve your goals with the LiftSelect strategic production planning service. The service uses available field and reservoir data to model well behavior and maximize asset value by reducing the cost per barrel of hydrocarbon production.

Based on objective analysis of your economic and technical criteria, an initial screening narrows your lift choices using proprietary software—validated by industry experts—that evaluates the seven major types of artificial lift against well criteria such as well depth and deviation, downhole temperatures and pressures, produced fluids and solids, availability of power and surface facilities, and flow assurance concerns such as paraffins and solids production.

LiftSelect Strategic Planning
LiftSelect Strategic Planning

Simulate a method, a schedule, or a lifetime strategy

LiftSelect service includes a number of additional options that can return results as production rates, cumulative volumes, capex, opex, NPV, and pump properties:

  • Single artificial lift evaluation simulates well performance with one artificial lift method for a given period (e.g., for a cost–benefit analysis) and allows comparisons between methods.
  • Scheduled lift analysis helps if you need to optimize a fixed schedule for transitioning between methods. It objectively determines the best time for the transition.
  • Full lift optimization determines the most appropriate lift method for each period in a well’s life—including natural flow, if applicable—and the best time to switch from one method to the next to maximize NPV.
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