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Lift IQ Service Reduces ESP Downtime by 27%

Published: 11/03/2015

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Graph: Lift IQ Service Reduces ESP Downtime by 27%
Schlumberger deployed Lift IQ service to provide real-time control and acquire data, which was analyzed using DesignPro software, PIPESIM simulator, and Avocet platform. Based on this analysis, the team made ESP trip and set point adjustments, improved cyclic-mode periods, and implemented motor amps and load-feedback modes to address the issues encountered. As a result, the operator was able to eliminate ESP stops and enhance ESP longevity, reduce downtime by 27%, and improve overall lift efficiency. Additional reports provided by Schlumberger surveillance engineers continue to help the operator evaluate ESP performance and develop production optimization strategies.
Russia, Europe
Field type
Gas condonsate
GOR, ft3/bbl [m3/m3
3,370 [600]
Bubblepoint pressure, psi [MPa]
2,100 [14.5
Bottomhile pressure, psi [MPa]
1,014-2,190 7-15.1]
Pump setting, ft [m]
5,577 [1,700]
Well depth, ft [m]
8,530 [2,600]
An operator in Russia needed to optimize production by transitioning from gas lift to an ESP in several wells. However, once the ESPs were installed, their operation was compromised due to high GOR, periods of natural flow, limited drawdown pressure, and a Christmas tree configuration that is rarely used with ESPs. As a result, the operator encountered frequent ESP stops, short operating cycles, excessive motor heating, and increased downtime and production deferment.