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Downhole Pump Components

A variety of tools and specialty products that extend pump run life

Downhole Pump Components

Extend the pump run life

With a variety of gas and sand specialty products, tools, and anchors, enhance pumping performance and extend run life—increasing the overall efficiency of the rod lift system.

Help prevent conditions such as gas breakout from entering the wellbore and migrating through the downhole pump with packer-style gas separators used at the bottom of the tubing string—below the seating nipple. A proper gas separator greatly reduces the gas interference and solids damage that can cause insufficient pump intake and gas pound and contribute to rod string fatigue and pumping unit gearbox damage.

Gas Specialty Products

Separate free gas from production fluid and minimize gas interference.

Don-Nan Insert Guided Cage

One-piece, superior-strength guided cage for maximized fluid flow

Extend run life in applications that suffer from cage beat-out due to violent ball travel.

Don-Nan Oversized Cage

High-efficiency cage for improved solids and gas flow-through

Reduce gas interference by allowing fluids and particulates to travel through valve with less disturbance.

Don-Nan Carbide Insert Valve Rod Guide

Wear-resistant rod guide

Minimize wear and protect the valve rod by stabilizing it during the pump stroke.

Don-Nan Gas Valve

Orientation-maintaining gas valve for sucker rod pumps

Maintain proper valve orientation by allowing a small amount of fluid to reenter the pump.

Don-Nan Gas Separator

Packer-style gas separator

Improve separation of entrained gas from production fluid and minimize gas interference and breakout.

Sand Specialty Products

Prevent stuck pump scenarios, reduce particulate collection near the hold-down, and prevent damage caused by solids.

Don-Nan Top Seal

Stuck pump prevention

Prevent a stuck pump scenario caused by solids accumulation around the hold-down.

Don-Nan Sand Shield

Rubberized fins to seal the pump from sand and solids

Prevent stuck pump scenarios and stop solids from falling back through the fluid on well shutdown.

Don-Nan Sand Diverter

Abrasion-combating plunger assembly

Eliminate equipment failure in wells with large volumes of sand by directing solids away from the barrel.

Don-Nan Bottom Discharge Valve

Valve for fluid production through and around the pump

Prevent corrosive, stagnant fluid from attaching outside of pump and solid material from settling on pump hold-down.

Downhole Pump Component Tools and Anchors

Easily retrieve rods, prevent costly fishing jobs, and eliminate damage during anchor setting.

Don-Nan Shear Tool

Contingency tool for fiberglass rod removal

Easily retrieve a fiberglass sucker rodstring and prevent costly fishing jobs.

Don-Nan On-Off Tool

Downhole rod-to-pump release

Eliminate stripping jobs and retrieve the rods and tubing separately.

Don-Nan Insert Pump Anchor

For setting and resetting pumping depth as needed

Anchor the pump and pack off the fluid production string in bottom hold-down insert pumps.

Don-Nan Type B Tubing Anchor

Standard anchor for enhanced rod lift system efficiency

Reduce tubing movement caused by cyclical loading, thereby decreasing wear on rods, tubing, and casing.

Don-Nan Slimhole Tubing Anchor

For flexible tubing placement

Deploy at any point in the well in relation to perforations and minimize solids buildup in the anchor.

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