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Don-Nan Sand Diverter

Abrasion-combating plunger assembly

Increase production and enhance equipment performance

Alleviate lost production and equipment failure caused by solids using a sand diverter with a plunger assembly. The plunger assembly directs the solids away from the pump barrel, maintains the integrity of the downhole pump, and extends run life.


The sand diverter consists of a modified adapter placed on top of the plunger and a positive seal seat plug on the bottom of the traveling valve. The plunger adapter and positive seal seat plug have a precision fit of 0.002 in [0.05 mm] with beveled leading edges, which prevents sand and fines from collecting between the plunger and barrel.

Abrasion and corrosion resistance

The outer diameter of each component is coated with spray metal, which protects against abrasion from solids. The plunger adapter is made of strong, corrosion-resistant MONEL material and is designed for optimal fluid flow while maintaining component strength.

Intermittent pumping

The sand diverter protects the pump during intermittent pumping as well as regular operations. When solids settle in an automated pump when it is turned off, a sand diverter directs solids to the plunger instead of between the plunger and barrel.

Sand Diverter
Don-Nan Sand Diverter
Handle sand more effectively and increase pump run life
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