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Don-Nan Maximum Compression Pump

Versatile sucker rod pump for most downhole environments

Minimize gas interference

The maximum compression pump is an insert pump that has been modified using specific pump parts for optimal performance in a wide range of downhole environments. This pump uses a double-valve, oversized cage configuration on the barrel to minimize the distance between the traveling and standing valves without allowing them to touch. This close proximity between the two valves creates the highest-achievable compression ratio, which minimizes gas interference and enables more complete pump fillage on every stroke.

Pumpoff controllers, variable speed drive units, and an optimized rod string design enables a steady pump throughout the entire system, which increases production and reduces workover costs by minimizing wear and tear on the pump, rods, tubing, wellhead, and pumping unit gears.

You can further specialize the pump by selecting specific metallurgy and coatings, such as stainless steel or brass for working in corrosive fluid.

Sucker Rod Pump
Don-Nan Maximum Compression Pump
Wells with low to moderate gas and low to moderate solids
Highest compression ratio and acceptance of most pump accessories
Double standing valve, oversized cage configuration, and sand shield accessory

Address common problems such as rodstring wear and damage caused by gas interference, erosion, or insufficient fluid levels. 

Sucker Rod Pump

Extend the life of your rod lift system with greater flexibility

These products provide greater flexibility during operations and can extend the life of the rod lift system.


  • Shear tool: Prevent costly fishing jobs by easily retrieving fiberglass sucker rods.
  • On-off tool : In the event of a stuck pump, retrieve the rodstring, and enable fishing and releasing broken rods without unseating the pump.
  • Insert pump anchor:  Set and reset the pumping depth as needed.

Sand specialty product

  • Sand diverter:  Direct solids away from the pump barrel, maintain downhole pump integrity, and extend run life.

Other specialty products

  • Gas separator: Extract gas for production in wells with high volumes of intermixed fluid and gas through the casing, and alleviate the rod pump of most gas-related issues.
  • Slimhole tubing anchor:  Reduce solids accumulation and increase flow.
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