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Don-Nan RWT API Insert Pumps

RWTC and RWTM standard sucker rod pumps

Accumulate sand and scale around the hold-down without sticking the pump

Recommended for shallow operating depths, RWT API insert pumps are thin-walled, traveling barrel, bottom hold-down pumps recognized by API as a standard design. Whereas the plunger assembly is attached to the hold-down where it becomes stationary, the barrel assembly is the traveling portion that moves with the sucker rod string.

Because the barrel assembly moves, sand and scale can accumulate around the hold-down without sticking the pump; upon restarting operation, all settled material will be dispersed in the fluid. The exit point for fluid is through an open three-wing cage, which prevents any solid material from reentering the pump on well shutdown and lengthens the run life of internal components.

The seating options on this pump include mechanical or cup types suitable for high temperatures, and mechanical types for simplified well maintenance. A mechanical hold-down does not require repair unless major damage has occurred, whereas cups should be replaced every time the pump is unset. Both hold-down types follow the same procedure of setting and unsetting by placing the weight of the sucker rods down on the pump or lifting up.

RWT API Insert Pump
Stationary assembly: A=Cage, top open; B=Valve, ball and seat; C=Plunger; D=Coupling, upper pull tube; E=Tube, pull; F=Coupling, lower pull tube | Traveling Assembly: G=Cage, top open; H=Valve, ball and seat; I=Connector, upper barrel; J=Barrel, thin wall; K=Plug, pull | Seating Assembly: L=API, 3-cup.
Don-Nan RWT API Insert Pumps
Low-sand, low-fluid-level, and shallow- to moderate-depth wells
Highly adaptable, high-fluid-volume insert pump
Thin-walled barrel, bottom hold-down, and universally accepted design

Address common problems such as rodstring wear and damage caused by gas interference, erosion, or insufficient fluid levels. 

Extend the life of your rod lift system with greater flexibility

This highly specialized pump can be further optimized by selecting the metallurgy and coating of various components to maximize pump life in specific well conditions.

Options include brass, nickel, and carbide barrels and MONEL fittings to provide greater flexibility and durability during operations.

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