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Don-Nan Type B Tubing Anchor

Standard anchor for enhanced rod lift system efficiency

Reduce tubing movement and maximize efficiency

Installing a tubing anchor catcher is a common and beneficial addition to every rod-lifted well. Maintaining pull tension on the tubing string greatly reduces tubing movement caused by cyclical loading created during normal operation of the sucker rod pump. The reduction of tubing movement enables the pump to consistently make a full stroke and maximize the efficiency of the entire rod lift system.

The  most common placement is below the sucker rod pump, typically with a tubing sub between the two.

Type B Tubing Anchor

The improved design minimizes solids buildup in the anchor, and the smaller OD improves gas flow past the anchor.

Type B Tubing Anchor


  • Improves pump efficiency
  • Reduces solids accumulation in the anchor
  • Enhances gas flow up the tubing or casing annulus


  • Ability to set anchor in or below perforations
  • Smaller OD
  • Tapered connections
  • Adjustable shear rating
  • Slip protection drag blocks
  • Available carbide and wicker slips
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