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Hydraulic Pumping Units

Innovative pumping units for unconventional wells and heavy oil

Enhance lifting system efficiency and optimize your performance

Schlumberger hydraulic pumping units are offered for a wide range of well applications and provide a small footprint, compact and lightweight design, quick installation, and the ability to easily adjust stroke speed and length—either onsite or remotely. Installation time is just a few hours compared with the 2 to 4 days needed to transport and assemble conventional systems.

With the flexibility to suit various well conditions, we provide electric- and gas-powered options, cylinder lengths up to 336 in [8.53 m], and a peak polished rod load capability up to 50,000 lbm [25 tonUS]. Stroke lengths of up to 336 in reduce cyclic stress, minimize rod stretch impact, improve gas compression ratios, minimize the possibility of gas lock, and enhance overall system efficiency. Long strokes enable our hydraulic pumping units to maintain production at lower pumping speeds, thereby reducing frictional losses in highly deviated and horizontal wells.

Reduce HSE risk and environmental impact with a closed cylinder design

Our closed cylinder design improves operator safety because all moving parts are enclosed. Maintenance can be performed on one well while neighboring wells remain on production. The unit is installed directly on the wellhead, reducing space requirements and eliminating the need for concrete pads, guide wires, and special site preparation. The fully enclosed actuation cylinders also prevent hydraulic fluid leaks, which cause downtime related to environmental exposure, equipment maintenance and repair, or both.   

render of a hydraulic pumping unit
Hydraulic pumping units out in the field

Pump more efficiently in unconventional wells and heavy oil

Horizontal shale wells exhibit rapid production decline. An artificial lift system having a wide operating range eliminates the capex needed to change systems at a time when well production is tapering off. The system must also be capable of handling multiphase fluids, abrasive solids, and small liner IDs.

Our hydraulic pumping units enable adjustment of the pump’s velocity profile in a matter of minutes to accommodate changing production throughout the life of the well—without the expense of variable frequency drives or manipulation of large counterbalance weights. The units are SCADA ready, so they can be easily connected to your internal SCADA monitoring system or a third-party system for rapid remote data access and other features.

Choose an open cylinder design for high-temperature, heavy oil applications

The systems with hollow or open cylinder designs are reliable from reservoir ambient temperatures to the elevated temperatures associated with thermal recovery of heavy oil. Their ability to handle multiphase flow, steam breakout, and solids production further enhances their suitability for heavy oil applications.

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