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FracXion Unity

Integrated fully composite frac plug

Shorter, lighter, safer, faster

FracXion Unity integrated fully composite frac plug combines the advantages of the ultrashort FracXion Micro fully composite frac plug with an integrated disposable setting tool that expedites rig-up. The technology streamlines multistage hydraulic fracturing operations while delivering unmatched reliability, with an impeccable track record of thousands of runs with zero misruns and zero NPT. Eliminating the need to redress the setting tool at the wellsite also minimizes the potential for human error. The setting tool is disposed of (e.g., with spent guns) after pulling it out of the well.

The setting tool and frac plug are factory-assembled using Six Sigma methodology for process improvement, resulting in 99.99997% reliability. No maintenance is required, and the self-bleeding setting tool contains no oil, reducing exposure of personnel to pressurized tools. The setting tool firing head is reusable and equipped with a quick-change fitting.

fracxion unity frac plug
fracxion unity frac plug
    hollow button slips frac plug
    Hollow metal button slips help minimize metal content.

    Expedited millout and reduced debris size

    Based on our extensive experience with CT operations, the FracXion Unity plug is designed for milling out with minimum torque, generating small cuttings that are easily circulated out of the well. Special clutch features at the top and bottom of the plug prevent spinning between plugs during millout, reducing millout time.

    The plug has hollow metal button slips that are engineered to shatter during milling. This feature and the reduced metal content improve millout time and decrease debris size even further.

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