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Fully dissolvable frac plugs

ReacXion fully dissolvable frac plug.

ReacXion fully dissolvable frac plugs easily dissolve in the presence of common wellbore fluids after fracturing is complete, considerably simplifying cleanout operations (by eliminating milling) and reducing time to production. The time savings result in reduced diesel consumption and hence, lower CO2e emissions. These plugs are full casing weight spanning and have a higher temperature rating than other SLB dissolvable frac plugs.

  • Plug-and-perf multistage fracturing operations in freshwater or brine
  • Difficult milling conditions, such as extended-reach laterals, highly deviated wells, and underpressured reservoirs
  • Isolation for refracturing operations

How ReacXion frac plugs improve plug-and-perf completions

ReacXion fully dissolvable frac plugs require only minimal field assembly, hence reducing the potential for human error and operational delays. An antipreset design eliminates the risk of presetting while pumping into the well.

Consistent, repeatable setting and isolation plus fullbore production without milling

Load-transfer technology integrated into the frac plug design uses the casing as a supporting member, transferring the load from the ball to the ball seat, through the slips, and onto the casing. Pressure exerted on the ball during stimulation continues to reinforce the integrity of the plug’s seal, forming a tighter seal as pressure is increased.

ReacXion frac plugs are smaller by volume than third-party dissolvable frac plugs, accelerating dissolution. Their field-proven materials ensure that they dissolve fully and predictably in freshwater or common oilfield brines, depending on the version selected. Improved material selection also enables fast, controlled dissolution of the elastomer.

What makes ReacXion frac plugs right for me?

  • Add flexibility with one tool that works from fracturing to fullbore production without the expense of milling.
  • Tune dissolution performance with the optimal material for freshwater or brine.

A proprietary field-proven coating protects the frac plug and prevents early dissolution, enabling plug placement in the well several hours before isolation is required. To complete isolation, a dissolvable ball is pumped down to the integral ball seat before fracturing begins. Optionally, the plug can be configured for deployment with the ball in place.