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Dissolvable frac plugs

Reduce plug-and-perf duration and associated scope 1 and 2 emissions from postfracturing cleanout operations

Schematic of hydraulic frac surface setup, including frac trucks, frac trees, pumps, and manifolds.

Reduce diesel usage and resulting emissions from coiled tubing operations during plug-and-perf completions

Conventional frac plugs require milling out before production can start. These milling runs are performed as part of well cleanout operations, typically with a coiled tubing (CT) unit. Daily diesel consumption for a CT milling operation ranges from 4,000 L to 6,000 L. The fuel is required for pumps, injector heads, water treatment, cranes, and other ancillary support. Each liter of diesel adds 2.712 kg of CO2e emissions to the atmosphere.

Our ReacXion fully dissolvable frac plugs, on the other hand, easily dissolve in the presence of common wellbore fluids after hydraulic fracturing is complete, considerably simplifying cleanout operations and reducing time to production. The time savings results in reduced diesel consumption and hence, lower CO2e emissions. Dissolution performance is tuned with the optimal material for freshwater or brine.

Our portfolio

Schematic showing surface and subsurface view of a hydraulic fracturing operation.

Decarbonize Your Operations

The family of ReacXion fully dissolvable frac plugs is part of our Transition Technologies™ portfolio of solutions that enable well and field development with decreased carbon impact. Learn about our collaborative approach and full field development solutions that sustainably drive high performance.

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