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Tubing-retrievable, surface-controlled subsurface safety valve

Rated up to 10,000 psi [69 MPa]
Rated to 300 degF [149 degC]
Setting depths to 1,000 ft [305 m]

Manage risks and improve efficiency in cemented monobore completions

TRM-5 tubing-retrievable, surface-controlled subsurface safety valve is a general-service, self-equalizing, cement-through flapper valve with a premium rod piston and metal-seal body joints. This valve features rod-piston actuation; metal-to-metal seal body joints; a rugged flapper-closure mechanism; and a minimum number of critical, static, and dynamic seals. This combination is designed to maximize reliability in cemented monobore completions in sweet to moderately corrosive environments.

A modular design enables flexibility in material and engineering options, including a wide range of nipple profiles. 

Maximize reliability with premium rod pistons and internal equalizing

The internal equalizing system creates a dedicated flow path for wellbore fluid, minimizing effects of erosional velocities.

The premium rod piston system uses a reliable, spring-energized filled Teflon sealing element. The flapper mechanism also has full metal-to-metal sealing, and it meets API and ISO a leakage-acceptance criterion.

A unique lockout mechanism enables a simple slickline procedure to permanently lock the valve open and initiate secondary hydraulic communication.

TRM-5 tubing-retrievable, surface-controlled subsurface safety valve
TRM-5 tubing-retrievable, surface-controlled subsurface safety valve
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