InnerLogix E&P data quality management

A unique combination of technology and methodology to automatically and continuously check and improve data quality

InnerLogix E&P data quality management

If existing data cannot be trusted as a foundation for ongoing planning and operational decisions, geoscientists and engineers will frequently choose to reacquire and reload data. There are a number of reasons for this lack of trust—from the physical impossibility of manually performing required quality checks to insufficient control of the data. The InnerLogix data quality management (DQM) solution helps you achieve reliable data and instill trust in your information environment. By implementing the SLB DQM methodology, your team can avoid manually searching for and qualifying data—and skip straight to assessment, analysis, correction, and synchronization of the data.

Data you can trust

Automated, rule-based software and methodology to

  • Identify data issues and changes by applying user-defined assessment rules to an area of interest
  • Locate data changes or issues and automatically
  • Correct or synchronize through a combination of user-defined business rules and the results of automated assessment runs correct and synchronize data display results in GIS, chart, or spreadsheet form, and store results of all activity in a database.

Advanced technology ensures integrity

The SLB DQM solution uses InnerLogix technology specifically designed to meet the needs of the E&P industry. This technology provides the ability to assess, analyze, correct, and synchronize data, ensuring integrity throughout its lifecycle.

InnerLogix is an automated, rule-based application that corrects and synchronizes data across multiple datastores. Data changes and issues identified by the InnerLogix application are automatically corrected or synchronized through a continuous process that checks data against user-defined business rules, thus ensuring that defects are systematically eliminated and that validated data are propagated throughout the data environment.

Features of InnerLogix software include

  • A specialized set of rules that includes features such as the wellbore digital elevation checker, deviation survey outliner method, and log curve stratigraphic range verification
  • Graphs, GIS, and reports to expose underlying data quality issues
  • A manual quality control tool for analyzing, comparing, and correcting data
  • more than 50 plug-and-play adapters for reading, inserting, and updating data from both PC and UNIX applications in common and proprietary data stores. 

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