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Case Study
Marcellus Shale, United States, North America, Onshore


  • Improve data management and quality processes.
  • Eliminate reliance on manual data interaction.
  • Accelerate processes to free up resources.


Introduce InnerLogix data management solution allowing geoscientists to

  • Analyze well header, casing, and deviation survey data in multiple projects
  • Automate cleaning and maintenance
  • Ensure valuable time is spent on priority work.


  • Automated data validation, correction, and issues identification.
  • Reduced data processing time—from days to minutes—while eliminating manual errors.
  • Increased data processing volume.
  • Automatically generated regular data activity reports.

InnerLogix Solution Improves and Automates Data Management at Seneca Resources Corporation

Data quality management solution accelerates and standardizes processes

Seneca Resources Corporation, the exploration and production segment of National Fuel Gas Company, wanted to improve its data management practices. Its existing system was inefficient and not properly integrated. Users had to manually update working projects first, and then update the master database to allow other working projects to access the revised data.

New well data was often supplied in raw spreadsheet format and required cleaning, validation, and processing so it could be used in Seneca's project databases—a process that took up to three days. When new wells were generated by the Seneca's geological and geophysical team, information had to be manually entered into at least four systems. Updates made by the operations team then required additional changes to the master and project databases.

In addition, setup took several days of manual editing and quality checking. Users needed to be logged off the project databases for this to occur, causing additional downtime.

Automated advantages

After meeting with Schlumberger to discuss possible system improvements, it was agreed that introducing the InnerLogix data quality management solution would be the best course of action. The InnerLogix solution enables geoscientists to analyze and quality check well header, casing, and deviation survey data in multiple projects—automating cleaning and maintenance work to ensure people’s valuable time is spent on assessment and analysis.

The team implemented the InnerLogix solution, configuring an automated synchronization process to eliminate the need for manual data correction. To achieve this, the system uses a defined hierarchy, correction rules, and searches across all corporate databases. The software system is then used to validate and identify missing, incomplete, inconsistent, and erroneous data—as well as propagate project database corrections. This new process was designed to reduce data processing time and increase potential data processing volume.

overflow image
An automated synchronization process eliminates the need for manual data correction.
InnerLogix Solution Improves and Automates Data Management at Seneca Resources Corporation
Seneca’s mineral rights holdings in New York and Pennsylvania.

After each automated synchronization, a report is generated indicating any new, modified, inconsistent, or incomplete data—as well as any corrections made—giving Seneca Resources data managers a snapshot of all key data activities. Depending on data type, synchronization occurs automatically on a scheduled basis, during off hours.

Accelerated data processing

The InnerLogix data quality management solution delivered an integrated, automated, and auditable process to validate existing and new data, based on defined assessment rules. It removed the need for users to clean and correct data manually, and reduced the potential for user error.

Data processing times are also significantly reduced—having previously taken up to three days, new data input now takes 45 minutes or less using the automated InnerLogix processes. This saves valuable time and allows skilled resources to focus on the most productive tasks.

“It is now much quicker and easier to create, import, update, and manage multiple data sources. The new InnerLogix data quality management system has streamlined and simplified our data management. Data consistency and accuracy is also significantly improved.”

Carolyn Schuchert, Data Manager Seneca Resources Corporation

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