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Petrel guru

Quality and capability tool, including in-context guidance, guided and QC workflows, with the ability to capture knowledge and best practices.


Petrel guru is a quality and capability tool that will help you leverage Petrel™ subsurface software.


New in the Petrel 2018 release, guru in-context guidance and support software is now delivered within any core licenses of Petrel.

Using video guides and step-by-step workflows covering all disciplines, you can quickly learn how to use the tools you need in order to make the most of your data. It provides you with guidance on how to perform specific workflows and quality check your results in context of your data and processes. The guides contain clear details for better understanding of what needs to be done, how to do it, and what results to expect, from the start to the end of your daily tasks.

Petrel guru offers a dedicated editor that you can use to document, capture, and federate knowledge, best practices, QC workflows, and intellectual property from your company directly inside the Petrel platform. Additionally, you can streamline recurrent workflows by using guided workflows. Based on the Petrel workflow editor, these guided workflows are fully customizable and allow you to interactively automate the tasks you do frequently.

Finally, Petrel guru provides you with an embedded quality reporting tool with predefined QC workflows for multiple domains. You can create standard company QC test reports, which can then be shared, printed, or saved inside the project as electronic documents.

The Petrel guru module is hosted in the cloud and has regular content updates.

More than 1300 pages of content cover all Petrel subsurface software processes in all domains, such as workflows, theory pages, quick guides, quality checks, and more.
More than 550 video guides, augmented by training sequences and practical exercises.
More than 150 ready-made guided workflows cover many commonly undertaken workflows.
The quality reporting tool allows you to run tests at any time and automatically generate complete and editable reports. More than 50 predefined QC workflows are available in Petrel.
The embedded editor captures knowledge and best practices and federates them inside a company.
Video and image capture tools allow you to record your own practices and processes.
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