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Petrel geophysics core

The complete and comprehensive geophysics package


The Petrel™ geophysics core leverages Petrel subsurface software with a tailored toolset for geophysics workflows. This powerful combination enables companies to undertake geophysical map-based approaches, covering seismic interpretation, well correlation, seismic well tie, seismic attribute computation, and structural framework construction.

There is no geocellular modeling capability in this core.

  • All toolsets for accurate seismic interpretation (2D and 3D) for horizons, faults, multi-Z, interactive mesh editing, surface attributes, and mapping at any scale
  • Structural framework builder to construct robust structural models and accurate maps on which volumetric calculations can be run
  • Seismic single- and multiwell tie capabilities, with multiwell extended white wavelet extraction, interactive bulk shift alignments, and well-to-seismic calibration in the depth domain
  • Advanced attributes, including generalized spectral decomposition, structural smoothing, variance, 3D curvature, and chaos
Petrel Geophysics Core
Advanced and accurate structural framework. Data courtesy of Royal Holloway
  • Poststack AVO attributes, including AVO fluid strength, for AVO reconnaissance
  • Velocity modeling and domain conversion using a layer-cake approach for velocity model construction that enables users to select velocity variations for each layer and preserve the relationships between faults and horizons
  • Extensive well correlation capabilities, interactive interpretation of discrete properties, viewing the effects of well-top picking and editing directly in 3D, and vice versa 
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