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Petrel shale core

End-to-end workflow with an interface designed for shale, from exploration to production.


The Petrel™ shale core leverages Petrel subsurface software, providing a high-performance toolset tailored for high well count shale operations.

  • Integrated application for G&G, drilling and production workflows
  • Advanced well query and searches
  • Petroleum systems 1D modeling and chance of success mapping
  • Regional well correlation using raster and digital data
  • Seismic interpretation of 2D and 3D seismic

Petrel shale core enables companies to perform 1D petroleum systems modelling, exploration mapping workflows, well correlation and seismic interpretation, well design, geosteering, and production forecasting. It is also fully integrated with the Studio E&P knowledge environment for collaborative workflows.

Petrel shale core
Production trends can by analyzed by linking historic production with geology.
  • Fast and efficient mapping
  • Well design and pad planning
  • Geosteering using curve matching
  • Decline curve workflows using Arps & Duong methods
  • Collaborative, multiuser environment
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