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Techlog Wellbore Stability

Generate 1D mechanical earth models, assess sand management concerns, and perform fracture stability analysis.


The Techlog Wellbore Stability module comprises mechanical earth model (1D-MEM) building, wellbore stability, sand management, and fracture stability computation.

  • The Techlog Wellbore Stability computation is used to calibrate your 1D-MEM using drilling events and borehole images.
  • Techlog Wellbore Stability is fully real time, enabling updates on drilling-related geomechanical risks such as losses and stuck pipe.
  • Sand management helps to predict the sanding potential of weakly consolidated reservoirs. This helps to optimize drawdown pressures and perforation sizes and orientations.
  • Fracture stability is enabled for critical stress analysis to predict the contribution of discontinuities during production considering depletion and injection.

The 1D-MEM is the backbone of every geomechanical workflow for which it provides the stress field, pore pressure, and mechanical properties. Integrated stress analysis is available as part of the Geomechanics and Advanced Acoustics Suite to calibrate the stress field orientation and horizontal stress magnitudes from multiple measurements.

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