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Core data interpretation solution. TechCore effectively combines data from log and core domains. It allows you to partition core data into reservoir rock types or petrophysical groups with similar storage or transmissivity characteristics. It is also an important tool to assist in upscaling.



The TechCore module effectively synthesizes and combines both log and core domains. The module therefore serves as a unique tool to reconcile core and log data.


Using this module, you can incorporate robust and validated methods of data manipulation complete with new, state-of-the-art statistical techniques. This powerful combination is available within a fully interactive graphical user interface.

Specific processing tasks can be performed within a single user environment, such as the calculation of capillary functions (Thomeer, Buckley-Leverett, Lambda, Wright-Wooddy-Johnson, and Hyperbolic Tangent methods), grain size, and pore throat distributions.

Other applications of the TechCore module include:

  • Relative permeability
  • XRD transformation
  • Closure correction
  • Stress correction.


The TechCore module allows you to partition the core data into “reservoir rock types” or “petrophysical groups” that reflect zones in which storage and transmissivity of fluids are likely to be similar.

Techlog TechCore
Displaying capillary pressure versus saturation for different petrophysical groups.


Combine the maximum amount of data available to generate “petrophysical logs”; these are representative of the variation in core data, upscaled by rigorous methods to be comparable to the LWD log data or wireline scale.

Upscaling can be performed by reference to either continuous core description data or to the most finely resolved quantitative measurements on the core (e.g., mini-K and core-gamma) by 1D kriging interpolation; several external drifts are possible.

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