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Electric Submersible Pump Motors

For oil and gas, geothermal, mining and industrial water applications

ESP Motors

High-efficiency ESP induction motors and permanent magnet motors to reduce electricity costs

Schlumberger ESP motors are designed for reliable, efficient lifting and electrical performance in any oil and gas, geothermal, mining, or industrial water application, including high-temperature and low-ambient-temperature conditions. Our portfolio is designed to simplify installation, reduce early ESP pulls with improved thermal and electrical reliability, and extend run life in severe applications—all while reducing kWh electricity costs.

  • REDA Maximus Eon extended-life ESP motor improves electrical efficiency 3% as compared with previous generations, which saves you money on electricity and reduces carbon intensity.
  • REDA Maximus ESP motor is the industry's first field-install-ready motor from manufacturing.
  • REDA Hotline motors are engineered for high-temperature SAGD or low-enthalpy geothermal applications.
  • Permanent magnet motors are optimal for operations with significant electricity costs, especially in locations where electricity is generated by trucked-in, diesel-driven generators.
ESP Motors

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