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Reda Compact HPS

Horizontal multistage surface pump

Minimal maintenance and quick delivery for low discharge-pressure and low flow-rate oil and water applications

Reda Compact HPS.

Flexible, cost-effective horizontal pumping system

Reda Compact HPS™ low-maintenance horizontal surface pumps deliver the reliability and quality of the trusted Reda HPS™ horizontal multistage surface pumping system, providing a more flexible and cost-effective solution for fluid pumping applications with smaller footprint and discharge pressure requirements.

Reduce your maintenance, service time, and costs compared with conventional horizontal surface pumps. The Reda Compact HPS pump is ideal for remote and personnel-free applications such as crude oil pipelines, water injection and saltwater disposal wells, and lease automatic custody transfer (LACT) units.

Reda Compact HPS.
Reda Compact HPS pump reduces footprint, maintenance, and service requirements for low discharge-pressure and low flow-rate applications.

Faster maintenance and delivery

Reda Compact HPS pump accelerates changes of the mechanical seal, pump, and thrust chamber. Service costs are significantly reduced because of the redesigned thrust chamber. Periodic replacement of the thrust chamber ensures optimal performance over the expected service life of the pump, eliminating the time-consuming maintenance visits required for conventional pump systems.

The standardized design of the skid enables faster delivery, which helps keep your projects on schedule.

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