BOP Cleaning Tools

Technologies that remove debris from your most critical well control component

BOP cleaning tools

Remove contaminants from blowout preventer (BOP) surfaces and crevices

During drilling and other operations, debris and solids-laden fluid can deposit on the surfaces and crevices of the BOP, impeding smooth operation or damaging critical sealing surfaces.

Best practices for maintaining good BOP surfaces include cleaning before running the completion, before testing the BOP, after any milling or cutting operation, and during plugging and abandonment operations. Although it's possible to pull the BOP from the wellhead, it's more efficient in most cases to clean it in place using specialized tools designed to clear the debris without pushing it further into the BOP.

Tools are available as drop-ball, run-open, or both and usually are short-tripped. We offer BOP cleaning tools with optional large-OD shrouds (jackets), enabling jetting very close to the BOP profile ID.

Single Action Bypass Jetting tool

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