Circulating valve

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Boost annular velocity for more complete cleaning

The SINGLE-ACTION BYPASS SUB circulating valve is used to remove drill cuttings, mudcake, and other debris that drilling deposits on the riser, blowout preventer (BOP), and wellhead walls. The valve completely removes these contaminants to ensure clean and effective cementing and completions operations.


  • One-piece, full-strength mandrel
  • Balls retained on seats in tool
  • Design to boost annular velocity
  • Availability with 11- or 16-in- [279- or 406-mm-] OD sleeve
  • Sixteen 0.437-in [11-mm] jet nozzles at 22° phasing


  • The large 11- or 16-in-OD sleeves enable the jets to clean closer to the profile
  • Where it is necessary to reopen and close ports after the initial cycle, two units can be run in tandem
Single Action Bypass Jetting tool