Advanced validation tool

The MAGNOGARD magnet features powerful, easy-to-clean magnets embedded into deep collection valleys.

Clean the wellbore and validate cleanliness

The HEAVY-DUTY WELL PATROLLER advanced validation tool wipes the casing, captures large and small debris, filters well fluid, and validates the cleanliness of the well. This latest advancement incorporates a more robust and better-protected design, including a one-piece mandrel with a robust screen protected by a perforated support tube.

Integration with other wellbore cleaning tools

The HEAVY-DUTY WELL PATROLLER tool is used in any application where a high degree of wellbore cleanliness, and the ability to validate this, is required to ensure successful completion installation. It is usually run in conjunction with other wellbore cleaning tools, including

  • MFCT multifunction circulating tool technology
  • HEAVY-DUTY RAZOR BACK advanced casing cleaning tool
  • HEAVY-DUTY BRISTLE BACK advanced casing brush
  • MAGNOSTAR high-capacity magnet.

Additionally, the tool can be positioned in the casing below the wellhead during riser cleaning and BOP or wellhead jetting to collect any dislodged debris that falls into the well.

The tool is operated simply by running in hole and pulling out of hole. The casing is fully wiped when the tool is run in hole and is rewiped while all well fluid is filtered when the tool is POOH. The tool returning to surface with little debris validates an effective displacement. Milling or drilling operations in cased hole can take place with the tool in the string.

Heavy duty well patroller advanced validation tool