Casing cleaning tool

heavy duty razor back - hero


  • Wellbore cleanup
  • Casing scraping operations

How it improves wells

The RAZOR BACK casing cleaning tool from M-I SWACO is run as an integral part of the drillstring to scrape the casing as the pipe is run in hole. It can be run

  • as a standalone device for most drilling, milling, and polishing assemblies
  • with circulating tools and the WELL PATROLLER validation tool as part of the cleanup system.

The tool eliminates the risk of casing or wear damage from stabilizers or blades during rotation. It enhances chemical cleaning action and removes cement sheath, burrs, and pipe scale. 

RAZOR BACK - combo
RAZOR BACK tool is run as an integral part of the drillstring to scrape the casing as the pipe is run into the well.

How it works

The RAZOR BACK tool can be rotated and reciprocated without fear of damage to casing or the tool itself. The one-piece main mandrel consists of a nonrotating, righthand spiral stabilizer sleeves and a metal-bladed lantern covering 360°. The strong, flexible metal-bladed lantern provides the force to contact and scrape the pipe effectively. The lantern self-centralizes inside the tubular to ensure equal cleaning force at all angles of well inclination. The mandrel rotates through the stabilizer sleeves and lantern to avoid wear or damage to the casing during pipe rotation. The tool is HPHT-compatible and is not vulnerable to chemical or acid attack.

Additional information

The RAZOR BACK tool is available in all common casing and liner sizes. It is supplied with drillpipe box-up and pin-down connections. Premium threads are also available.

RAZOR BACK Tool Operating Parameters
Tool and Casing Size, in; Maximum Rotating Speed in Tension, rpm Maximum Rotating Speed in Compression, rpm Maximum Compression at Tool When Rotating, lbm
3 1/2 60 60 3,000
4 1/2–5 1/2 90 90 5,000
6 5/8–8 5/8 120 120 10,000
9 5/8–13 3/8 120 120 15,000
16–20 100 100 50,000

These are general guidelines only and are subject to review, if required, for individual circumstances.