Validation tool for filtering during wellbore cleaning

The MAGNOGARD magnet features powerful, easy-to-clean magnets embedded into deep collection valleys.

Confirm displacement by filtering wellbore fluids while tripping

Validation that all debris has been removed from the wellbore when transitioning from drilling to completion operations. Previously, validity testing was performed by measuring the turbidity and solids content of the returning clear brine fluid. The WELL PATROLLER validation tool confirms the effectiveness of the displacement operation by filtering wellbore fluids while tripping.

Simplify operations in a variety of conditions

The WELL PATROLLER validation tool does not require balls or darts to operate. Simply run the tool in and out of the hole in combination with the casing cleaning tool assembly. The goal is for the WELL PATROLLER tool to return to the surface empty or with minimal debris. In case of unforeseen circumstances, rupture discs that relieve pressure automatically activate in the event the tool becomes completely full of debris.

Used specifically in precompletion and drill stem test cleanups, the WELL PATROLLER tool can also be included in drilling and milling strings. All common casing sizes and liner sizes can be accommodated.

Well patroller validation tool