Positive test tool for efficient liner top testing

Texture Rotating Blue

Combine high-pressure positive test and negative inflow test in one run

The WELL DOMINATOR positive test tool is a customized ball-drop tool. Combining the positive test tool with the WELL COMMISSIONER liner top test tool enables the performance of a high-pressure positive test and a negative inflow test on the same run as well as the wellbore cleanup and displacement if required.

Simplify testing operations with a ball-drop

The positive test tool—hydraulically inactive while running in the hole—is activated when a dropped ball moves the internal sleeve. When the test is complete and pressure has been bled down, a second ball is dropped, and the upper internal sleeve isolates the fluid to the underside of the hold-down pads. The tool is then hydraulically neutral, and the hold-down pads are retained in their pockets. Additional operations can then be performed, such as inflow tests of the same liner top or mud-to-brine displacement.

well dominator - combo