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Carbonate scale dissolver

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Remove scale chemically without corrosion

ScaleSOLV carbonate scale dissolver (CSD) removes oilfield scales effectively without severely corroding tubulars and downhole completion equipment. It is an organic scale dissolver for

  • applications where using other mineral or organic acids is not desirable
  • calcium carbonate and is also effective against iron carbonate and iron oxide scales
  • use with high-chromium steels, fragile tubing, and acid-sensitive formations.

ScaleSOLV dissolver has a higher dissolving capacity than either formic or acetic acid and is essentially noncorrosive, thus eliminating the need for corrosion inhibition. The optimized CSD formulation, which dissolves carbonate scales by a combination of proton release and chelation,

  • has a high reaction rate and a very high dissolving capacity compared to standard organic acids
  • has a very low corrosion rate on mild steel (N80, J55, P105)
  • can be used on 13% chrome steels without corrosion inhibition.
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