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Polymer-free fracturing fluids

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Designed for CO2 foam fracturing treatments

ClearFRAC polymer-free fracturing fluids were developed specifically for wells requiring the added flowback energy and hydrostatic benefits of hydraulic sandstone with liquid CO2.

The fluid was designed to be CO2-compatible, specifically addressing the technical aspects of creating a stable foam with supercritical CO2. Possessing all of the attributes normally associated with Schlumberger viscoelastic surfactant systems, ClearFRAC fluids

  • exhibit low friction pressure and excellent proppant-carrying capacity
  • leave no damage in the proppant pack
  • improve location logistics
  • create greater effective fracture half-lengths.

Because ClearFRAC fluids are formulated to avoid damage in the proppant pack, the fracture’s production is unimpeded. Even at low viscosity, the elastic properties of ClearFRAC fluids make them highly efficient at transporting proppant. The result is the ability to alter viscosity for better control of fracture geometry without compromising transportability.