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Stimulation through coiled tubing

Schlumberger worker on rigsite.

Fracture multiple zones in a single trip

The CoilFRAC service combines CT and selective fracturing technology enabling multiple zones to be treated in a single trip. In new wells, each zone is perforated conventionally in one wellsite visit. CT is then run in hole with a straddle tool BHA. The bottom zone is straddled, and the fracture stimulation is pumped through the CT string. Residual proppant is reverse-circulated out of the wellbore, and the straddle tool is moved to the next zone, where the process is repeated. Each layer is individually stimulated using only one run into the wellbore.

The fracture stimulation can be customized for each targeted zone, accounting for varying stress contrast, porosity, permeability, and fracture gradients. Customization optimizes production while maximizing recoverable reserves from each zone. Additionally, decoupling the fracturing operation from the perforating operation streamlines the completion process with fewer trips to the wellsite—saving time and money.

Illustration of coiled tubing trucks obtaining data using the CoilFRAC stimulation through coiled tubing.
Graph: The economical advantages of the CoilFRAC service over conventional fracturing services.

Maximize Production and Lower Costs in Shallow Gas Wells

CoilFRAC service helped operator reduce completion time from 16 days to 4 (on average), and cut well flowback times by half.

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Refracture bypassed zones

The CoilFRAC service can also access bypassed zones or refracture previously completed zones. In such applications, low pressure and suspect casing are protected from treatment fluids and pressure by the CT string. Compared with a conventional workover rig, the CoilFRAC process is faster and minimizes fluid damage to existing layers because the well does not have to be killed.

Illustration of the benefits of using CoilFRAC stimulation through coiled tubing downhole.
Stimulation through coiled tubing