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Polymer-free fracturing fluid

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Improves economics in Canadian shallow gas plays

The ClearFRAC LT polymer-free fracturing fluid was developed for conditions facing operators in Canadian shallow gas plays, where marginal economics made it necessary for operators to find an alternative to conventional completions. Requirements called for a base fluid to be prepared in ammonium nitrate brine and used in nitrogen foam sandstone treatments at a maximum temperature of 100 degF [38 degC].

ClearFRAC LT fluid meets the Canadian shallow gas play economic criteria. It is mixed continuously, eliminating the standard process of batch mixing polymer-based fluids in the sandstone tanks, saving a considerable amount of time on location and resulting in more zones being stimulated in a day. Another process improvement was the implementation of CoilFRAC stimulation through coiled tubing technology to isolate and treat the pay sands with added precision. This process reduced the total amount of fluid needed to effectively stimulate the entire well and again increased the number of intervals that could be stimulated in a day.

The ClearFRAC LT fluid is generally prepared with less than 2% surfactant concentrations in ammonium nitrate brine. ClearFRAC LT fluids will break as do other ClearFRAC fluids upon contact and mixing with hydrocarbons, dilution with formation brine, and the addition of chemical breakers as needed. ClearFRAC LT fluids can also be formulated with potassium chloride or ammonium chloride.