Expanded-temperature-range, polymer-free fracturing fluid

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Reduce surfactant concentration and cleanup time

The ClearFRAC XT expanded-temperature-range, polymer-free fracturing fluid can be used at temperatures from 50 to 265 degF [10 to 130 degC]. Part of the proven ClearFRAC polymer-free fracturing fluids, the innovative ClearFRAC XT fluid enables reduced surfactant concentrations, which significantly reduces fracture cleanup time and allows preparation with a wide variety of water and brines. It is an environmentally friendly, surfactant-based, nonresidue fluid that, like other ClearFRAC fluid systems, leaves the proppant pack virtually damage free.

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The ClearFRAC XT fluid exhibits excellent proppant transport at low surfactant concentrations and low viscosity.

Alter viscosity to better control fracture geometry

Flexibility is key to the ClearFRAC XT fluid, which may be prepared with fresh water, water containing up to 7% KCl or 0.2% organic clay stabilizer, or some produced formation waters. Foaming ClearFRAC XT fluid with nitrogen also provides very stable, high-viscosity fracturing fluids. The viscoelasticity exhibited by the fluid offers excellent proppant transport at low surfactant concentrations and viscosity. This enables easy alteration of viscosity to better control fracture geometry (reduced propensity for height growth), thus increasing effective fracture half-length without compromising proppant transportability.

With friction pressures lower than those of polymer-based fluids, ClearFRAC XT fluid also exhibits the excellent drag-reduction characteristics of viscoelastic fluids. The low-friction-pressure capability makes the ClearFRAC XT fluid ideal for CoilFRAC stimulation through coiled tubing.

Lower HSE risk on location

After the treatment, the ClearFRAC XT fluid will experience viscosity reduction from dilution with formation brines, contact with any preflush fluids, contact and mixing with hydrocarbons, or the addition of chemical breakers. The proppant-pack breaker for the ClearFRAC XT fluid is nonoxidizing, reducing health, handling safety, and environmental concerns on location. Viscosity is reduced immediately upon release (fracture-closure) as a result of disruption of the micelle structure.