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ClearFRAC HighPerm

Polymer-free fracturing fluid

Fracturing Services

Increase recovery in reservoirs with permeabilities higher than 10 mD

ClearFRAC HighPerm polymer-free fracturing fluid has been specially developed to maximize production and increase recovery in reservoirs with permeabilities higher than 10 mD and temperatures to 250 degF [121 degC]. This innovative viscoelastic surfactant (VES) system significantly enhances fracturing efficiency because it has a low friction pressure and excellent proppant-carrying capacity. It leaves the proppant pack undamaged, generates greater effective conductivity than polymer fluids do, and simplifies wellsite logistics because it is easy to mix and pump.

Retain high conductivity

The polymer-free ClearFRAC HighPerm fluid can achieve tip screenout and enable fracture width inflation to optimize fracture geometry. Retained conductivity is high, resulting in high flow rates, reduced drawdown, and less fines migration and emulsion formation during flowback.

Efficiently transport proppant

The viscoelastic rheological behavior of the ClearFRAC HighPerm fluid enables it to suspend and transport proppant efficiently, even at lower than normal viscosities. Because of this, viscosity is altered for better control of fracture geometry without compromising proppant transport.

Improve stimulation through coiled tubing with low friction pressure

The low friction pressure relative to polymer systems of the ClearFRAC HighPerm fluid improves CoilFRAC stimulation through coiled tubing by enabling higher pump rates at maximum treating pressure or lower treating pressures at a given pump rate.

Immediately reduce viscosity following treatment

Viscosity of the ClearFRAC HighPerm fluid is reduced immediately when release (closure) disrupts the micelle structure. The reduction is triggered by dilution with formation brines, contact with the prepad and hydrocarbons, or addition of a chemical breaker. The breaker, which is designed to be run in the proppant-laden stages of the treatment, is easy to meter through the dry additive feeders of a POD programmable optimum density blender.

Stimulate without impairing production

The ClearFRAC HighPerm fluid has no polymers to damage the proppant pack or obstruct microscreens. As a result, production is unimpaired.