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Scale inhibitor service

Fracturing Services

One-step scale inhibitor and fracture treatment

ScaleFRAC scale inhibitor service protects wellbores and propped fractures from scale damage and related production declines. This service overcomes scale inhibitor placement problems by integrating scale inhibitor and fracture treatments into one step, ensuring the entire well is treated with scale inhibitor.

High-efficiency scale inhibitor is pumped into the matrix surrounding the fracture face during leakoff. It adsorbs to the matrix during pumping until the fracture begins to cut water. As water passes through the inhibitor-adsorbed zone, it dissolves sufficient inhibitor to prevent scale deposition. Water production is balanced by inhibitor contact to maximize treatment life.

Reduced total wellsite delivery cost

A field trial conducted in the Permian Basin showed the cost of the ScaleFRAC service to be significantly less than conventional methods. This service provided the lowest water treatment cost on the basis of cost per barrels of water treated with inhibitor. Overall, this service costs 30% less than conventional processes.