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Hydraulic fracture mapping service

StimMAP Service hydraulic fracture mapping monitoring in real time

Monitor microseismic events in real time during hydraulic fracturing operations

StimMAP hydraulic fracture mapping service provides fracture monitoring in real time—within 30 seconds of microseismic activity. Based on proprietary coalescence microseismic mapping (CMM) that enables processing more events per minute than would be possible with hand picking, StimMAP service delivers close agreement for the fracture geometry on the same dataset. The CMM technique provides more events because multiple arrivals can be handled in a single time window.

Characterize fractures accurately

Understanding fracture geometry is key to effective stimulation treatments and well economics. Microseismic fracture monitoring provides imaging of the geometry of a hydraulic fracture to accurately measure fracture geometry. Accurately measuring the fracture geometry offers precise data on hydraulic fracture systems to increase understanding of the fracturing process. This increased understanding in real time

  • reduces well stimulation costs
  • optimizes field drilling plans
  • allows changes in perforation strategies and plan diversion schemes to be made on the fly.
Actual microseismic events from a five-stage hydraulic fracture job. Each stage is denoted by a different color.
Hydraulic fracture mapping service