Single-use wireline adapter kit and frac plug setting tool

Unity single-use wireline adapter kit and frac plug setting tool with a ReacXion Nano frac plug.

How it improves unconventional plug-and-perf operations

Unity™ single-use wireline adapter kit and frac plug setting tool combines the advantages of the FracXion™ fully composite and ReacXion™ fully dissolvable frac plug portfolios with a single-use setting tool that increases reliability and expedites rig-up. It streamlines multistage hydraulic fracturing operations by building on the same platforms that have enabled tens of thousands of successful frac plug runs. At the same time, it delivers a step change in reliability by eliminating the need to redress the setting tool at the wellsite, thereby avoiding human error during field assembly.

Schematic comparing plug-and-perf workflow with and without Unity tool.

Plug-and-perf multistage fracturing operations

Use with composite and dissolvable frac plugs for pumpdown plug and perf with or without ball in place

The Unity tool is compatible with FracXion and ReacXion frac plugs, which can be run with a ball in place or the ball can be dropped from surface when the plug is in position. The setting tool and frac plug are assembled before delivery to the wellsite and are designed to work together, minimizing the possibility of presetting or incomplete setting. The effective bottomhole assembly is also shorter and lighter, which equates to easier handling and pumpdown operations and reduces HSE risks.

Eliminate need of wellsite frac plug setting tool maintenance during shale horizontal well completion operations

Because the single-use Unity tool is preassembled, no maintenance or redressing is required at the wellsite. It self-bleeds downhole, eliminating exposure of personnel to pressurized tools at surface. Additionally, the tool contains no oil, so there is no risk of spillage during handling or disposal. It can adapt to most commonly used industry firing heads. Once stimulation operations are complete, FracXion plugs can be easily milled out while ReacXion plugs dissolve in standard stimulation and wellbore fluids. The Unity tool is returned to the SLB maintenance facility for redressing and assembly with a new frac plug.

Unity single-use wireline adapter kit and frac plug setting tool with a ReacXion Nano frac plug.
Unity tool with ReacXion Nano™ frac plug.
  • Pressure: Rated up to 10,000 psi [69 MPa]
  • Temperature: Rated up to 300 degF [149 degC]

What does the wireline adapter kit and setting tool with frac plug replace?

Discrete frac plug, setting tool, and wireline adapter kit. The Unity setting tool integrates these components in one preassembled solution, expediting rig-up and minimizing downtime.

How can this be configured for my multistage stimulation treatment?

Composite or dissolvable frac plugs can be used in ball-drop or ball-in-place configuration.