Production and reservoir management system

Manara production and reservoir management system

Optimize production and ultimate recovery, from single wellbores to multilaterals

Manage your reservoir more efficiently to improve recovery with the Manara production and reservoir management system. The system provides downhole permanent monitoring and in-lateral flow control of multiple zones and compartments in real time—for the first time, even in multilateral wells.

Control unlimited zones and compartments with full production information from each one to give you unprecedented production and reservoir management in heterogeneous (e.g., carbonate) or multilayered reservoirs, extended-reach developments, and extreme reservoir contact (ERC) wells.

Monitor and control any number of zones with a single line

The Manara system delivers in-situ measurements of pressure, temperature, flow rate, and water cut across the formation face in each zone of each lateral. All sensors are packaged in one compact station with an electric flow control valve (FCV) that has infinitely variable settings controlled from surface through a single electrical control line. Use multiple stations to maximize hydrocarbon sweep and recovery with fewer wells, reducing capex, opex, and surface footprint.

Conventional work flow infographic Manara system workflow with a more simplistic infographic
Reservoir and production management decisions that took months—even years—are now possible in days or minutes. Continuous feedback and digital control enables optimized production and maximum recovery.
Graph showing effects of cleanup and choke optimization on zonal production.

Manara System Controls Extended-Reach Multizonal Well, Enabling 47% Incremental Oil

Optimizing flow control valves in real time maximizes oil production from extended-reach multizone well—and prevents oil bypass in two damaged zones

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  • Single-stage, multizone well
    Manara System in Extended-Reach Wells
    Monitor and manage flow in long wells without complicated completions or intervention

    Simplify intelligent completions and reservoir management in extended-reach wells. View

  • Multilateral well
    Manara System in Multilateral Wells
    Control flow from each zone in each lateral, separately

    Recover more oil from multilateral wells with a smarter completion. View

  • Multistage, multizone well
    Manara System in Multizone Wells
    Control each zone separately, and produce separately or commingled

    Improve multizone well recovery with real-time zonal flow monitoring and control. View

FAQ: Is the Manara System Appropriate for Your Well?

Completion engineers answer common questions about Manara system performance, applications, and best practices

What is the risk of system failure due to an electrical issue?

The risk is very low. Key components have built-in redundancy, and failure of one sensor or board does not propagate to the rest of the system.

40 years
of permanent downhole gauge experience
Electronics survival rate over 10 years

What contingency measures are in place?

The “fail as is” system is rarely in a closed position. Conventional straddle systems can be deployed on wireline or tractor to plug off a failed open zone. A tubing puncher or sliding sleeve can be used to regain zone production in the unlikely case of a failed closed valve.

Can the Manara system be used in a waterflood environment with water cut >40% (threshold of the current water cut meter)?

Heterogeneous formations produce water mostly from 1–2 high-permeability streaks. Zones producing <40% water can be identified with the Manara system and high-water-cut zones selectively closed. Flow rates, reservoir pressures, productivity index (PI), etc. are still valid. Temperature can sometimes be used as a good indicator of water (or gas) production. Fluctuations in flow or pressure can indicate oil-water flow. Deviation from the normal production condition can be identified with Avocet software platform and may be interpreted as “water production.”

Can the system be used in a gas well?

Manara system was developed primarily for oil-water reservoirs. Below 30% downhole gas volume fraction (GVF), liquid flow rate measurements are within the specified accuracy. Below 10% GVF, the impact on water cut error is <3%. Manara system is not designed for gas wells with liquid production. To date, system performance has remained unaffected in wells where free gas is produced with the oil-water flow in various zones.

<30% GVF
Liquid flow rates are accurate
<10% GVF
Water cut error is <3%

How many zones can be deployed and at what depths?

We have deployed six zones in a trilateral well at up to 14,000-ft MD [4,267-m MD] and five zones (with six Manara system stations) at up to 33,533 ft [10,220 m] in an extended-reach well. Simulation modeling is recommended for more than 4 zones, >15,000-ft MD [4,570-m MD], and subsea installations. Advanced system modeling capabilities are available.

Manara production and reservoir management system

Enhance drainage without intervention

Data reach the surface almost instantly, where wellbore and reservoir surveillance software facilitates understanding of flow behavior in real time and effective use and analysis of the data through clear displays and FCV setting recommendations.

Data workflows embedded in the software reduce the amount of data gathering and manipulation needed, freeing up production and reservoir engineers to manage the asset and focus on priority wells. Decisions that used to take days or weeks can now be made in hours.

Production and reservoir management system