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CPST Pressure Setting Tool

Reliably sets bridge plugs, cement retainers, and packers on wireline

CPST Pressure Setting Tool
Rated to 15,000 psi [103 MPa]
Rated to 400 degF [204 degC]

Long service life, even in corrosive conditions

A Schlumberger wireline adapter kit (WLAK) is used to connect the CPST pressure setting tool to the appropriate packer, plug, or retainer. The CPST setting tool components feature a nitride surface treatment to improve service life. Nitride surface treatment combines greater surface hardness with a base metal durability and improves corrosion resistance with no surface buildup.

Effective and precise setting on wireline

  1. The packer adapter kit and setting tool are lowered into the well to the desired packer setting depth.
  2. An electric pulse is transmitted down the wireline string to the setting tool. This pulse ignites the power charge in the pressure setting tool.
  3. A slow-burning powder in the tool increases pressure in the setting tool to provide the force necessary to set the packer.
  4. When the maximum packer setting force is reached, a shear stud between the adapter kit and the setting tool parts to release the adapter kit from the packer.
  5. After the adapter kit has released from the packer, the setting assembly can be retrieved from the well.
CPST Pressure Setting Tool
CPST Pressure Setting Tool