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Gravel-pack packer

Closeup of QUANTUM gravel-pack packer
Rated to 6,000 psi [41 MPa]

Improve reliability in sand control operations

Designed for single-trip sand control applications, the QUANTUM gravel-pack packer is used to isolate well segments in single- and multizone completions. This hydraulic-set, retrievable sealbore packer is available in standard and large-bore configurations, which facilitates matching the seal IDs to production tubing IDs.

The large-bore design allows for multiple completions in which the lower production tubing must pass through an upper packer assembly without damaging the sealbores. All operations are completed with pressure and vertical movement and do not require rotation.

QUANTUM gravel-pack packer

Meet industry standards for challenging wells

The QUANTUM packer's flow-wetted components are manufactured from materials that comply with NACE Standard MR0175 for sulfide stress cracking–resistant metallic materials. Element selections include HNBR, Viton, and AFLAS. 

The packer is designed to be retrieved with straight pull or can be milled if necessary. Bidirectional slips reduce the risk of loss during retrieval or milling. The slips are located below the packing element for maximum protection from debris.

QUANTUM gravel-pack packer