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Perforating shock and debris reduction technology

Perforating Lab

The latest-generation innovation in HPHT high-shot-density gun systems, INsidr perforating shock and debris reduction technology minimizes fallout of shaped-charge debris in wells, including in deep water. Minimizing debris ensures that the area open to flow after perforation is maximized for enhanced production. By reducing gun shock, INsidr technology protects tubing-conveyed perforating and completion equipment.

The perforating technology is a feature of the 6.62-in and 7-in HP high-shot density (HSD) perforating gun systems. INsidr technology is also compatible with existing gun systems, including PowerFlow Max slug-free big hole shaped charges and in 3.5-in and 4.72-in ultraHPHT gun systems.

Reduced risk of downhole tool damage

Perforating gun shock can be excessive and, unless managed properly, can cause major damage to the lower assembly or completion tools. The proven PURE Planner perforation job planning application has added a new gun-shock application that predicts the peak incremental dynamic loads that can cause mechanical damage. Once the peak loads are identified, the gun-shock software is used as a job-design tool to modify both the gun string and bottomhole assembly to lower the peak loads to force values that are manageable.

Debris from perforation can pose problems during tubing-conveyed perforating and well cleanup operations. Using INsidr technology significantly reduces debris volume as confirmed with official API 19B Section 5 debris tests.

HP HSD gun with INsidr technology.
Comparison of predicted dynamic loads for two different HP HSD gun systems shot at 19,000 psi.