Tubing-conveyed oriented perforating system

Perforating Lab

Decreasing costs and improving productivity while producing less sand, the OrientXact tubing-conveyed oriented perforating system is an innovative solution for low-debris perforating in horizontal and highly deviated wells.

Prevent sand

The system minimizes tunnel diameter in the formation. This increases the strength of the tunnel and the number of effective perforating tunnels. Concurrently reduced are the pressure drawdown across perforated intervals and flow rate per perforation.

Improve performance

The OrientXact system uses PowerJet Plus low-debris, deep penetrating, steel-cased, weighted shaped charges. These charges minimize perforation damage with more stability during drawdown and depletion.

Gain from the experience

Schlumberger developed this technology at operator request. In the operator's North Sea wells, previous oriented perforating was as much as 45° out of the desired orientation; productivity decreased.

In just five months, Schlumberger engineers designed, tested, and deployed a system to perforate in an aligned and oriented fashion while preventing sand production and maintaining productivity.

Realize accurate orientation

Successfully tested and qualified in dogleg severities as high as 10° per 100 ft, the OrientXact system achieves overall orientation accuracy within 10° in a wellbore independent of length or tortuosity.


  • Increase productivity.
  • Prevent sand production.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Achieve single-trip oriented perforating of long intervals.
  • Achieve larger effective wellbore radius.
OrientXact tubing-conveyed oriented  perforating system.
OrientXact tubing-conveyed oriented perforating system.