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PowerJet Nova

Extradeep penetrating shaped charge

Perforating charges

The penetration-optimized design of PowerJet Nova extradeep penetrating shaped charges is the result of laboratory research involving hundreds of shaped charge test shots into a broad range of stressed rocks, including extreme values of rock strength. API RP 19B Section 1 performance data and additional stressed-rock testing document the improved efficiency of the charges’ explosive energy transfer to the perforating jet. In addition to increasing penetration over previous-generation deep penetrating shaped charges, PowerJet Nova charges deliver up to 50% more formation contact for more effective stimulation treatments and increased drainage contact for greater productivity.

This extensive ongoing research is incorporated in the SPAN Rock rock-based penetration model for accurately predicting perforator performance downhole in reservoir rock.

Gun system and conveyance compatibility

PowerJet Nova extradeep penetrating charges can be used with the PURE perforating system for clean perforations in addition to current wireline and TCP gun systems and conveyance on wireline, slickline, TCP, coiled tubing, and tractor and in permanent completions.

Powerjet Nova
PowerJet Nova extradeep penetrating shaped charges are designed and produced at Schlumberger’s latest shaped charge manufacturing facility, near Houston. By extensively integrating best practices, innovative industrial science, and automated systems, the facility minimizes quality variation to elevate shaped charge performance to new levels of reliability and effectiveness.