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Gun Release Systems

Reliable release for tubing-conveyed perforating

perforating charges

TCP gun string release

TCP perforating gun release can be either automatic or dressed for a selected actuation method, such as mechanical or hydraulic shifting. We recommend the use of automatic gun releases as possible to take advantage of their drop efficiency and operational ease. By incorporating the technology of our X-Tools perforating gun–activated completion tools in the automatic releases, the fastest possible separation of the gun string after firing is ensured because the same ballistic train is used to activate the drop. Rapid drop has two significant advantages over a mechanical or hydraulic system:

  • The drop works better in high deviations (up to 80°) because it benefits from the strong but transient shock created by gun detonation. The shock breaks the frictional forces holding the guns in place against the casing wall. Once the guns start to move, they tend to keep moving.
  • Because the drop occurs at high speed immediately after firing, the guns move down and away from the perforations before they can become sanded in.

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