Sand Consolidation Fluids

Prevent screen and completion damage

Texture Subsea Blue

SandAid sand conglomeration technology

SandAid technology is a patented chemical solution that significantly improves sand management and enhances production. The chemical process increases the attraction between particles without imposing damage by trapping formation sand and fines to maximize sand-free flow rates and increase production.

Nanoglue low-viscosity sand consolidation bond

Nanoglue bond prevents the migration of loose sands and fines from a formation into a wellbore. Unlike traditional sand consolidation treatments, which can greatly reduce the original permeability of the formation, Nanoglue bond is characterized by low viscosity that decreases downhole friction, enabling faster injection rates.

Sand Consolidation Fluids

SandAid Technology Nanoglue Bond
Materials Polyamide Hybrid materials
Bond mechanism Conglomeration Consolidation
Temperature range 40–350 degF [5–177 degC] 113–194 degF [45–90 degC]
Unconfined compressive strength Not applicable 4,500 psi
Interval length <200 ft <20 ft
Permeability range 1–10,000 mD 200–12,000 mD
Regained permeability 75% Approximately 50%
Curing and shut-in time 6 hours 2.5–5 days at 131 degF [55 degC]
Working time Not applicable Varies based on activator type, concentration, and temperature;
1–8 hours