SBS-614 POD III Blender | Frac, Gravel Pack | SLB


Skid-mounted programmable optimal density blender

SBS-614 Pod III Stimulation Blender Skid

Optimize slurry blending up to 35 bbl/min

The skid-mounted SBS-614 POD III programmable optimal density blender is capable of blending and pumping proppant slurry at rates of up to 35 bbl/min.

A computer precisely controls the solid/liquid ratio at the designed value throughout the job, in either ramp or stair-step mode.

The two-piece skid includes a crash frame on the power unit, a 340-hp diesel engine, a POD computer control system, and a vortex mixer with a hydrostatic transmission. The control system can be configured for offshore or land use. 

SBS-614 Pod III Stimulation Blender Skid