WRP-1A and -1AH Deepset Slickline-Retrievable Subsurface Safety Valves | SSV | SLB

WRP-1A and -1AH

Deepset slickline-retrievable subsurface safety valves

Safety Valves
Rated up to 10,000 psi [69 MPa]
Rated to 300 degF [149 degC]
Setting depth to 6,500 ft [1,981 m]

Manage risks with deepset safety valves

WRP-1A and -1AH slickline-retrievable subsurface safety valves are designed for sweet to moderately corrosive environments and feature rod-piston operation with flapper valves and an internal equalizing system that can be disabled by plugging the equalization ports before installation.

These valves are designed to accept lock assemblies for convenient use as a secondary valve in a disabled tubing-retrievable valve, and they come complete with lock assemblies. They can also be used as a primary valve in applications where a value-engineered slickline valve is desired. 

Adjust closing pressures with spacers or springs

The WRP-1A and -1AH valves are operated by a rod-piston with a premium sealing system. The primary flapper mechanism also has full metal-to-metal sealing and a secondary soft seat.

Some models of this valve are designed to be spring-spacer adjustable (SSA). SSA valves permit closing pressures to be varied during valve assembly by substituting spacers of different lengths instead of changing the power spring.

WRP-1A Safety Valve
WRP-1A Safety Valve