Bridging agent selection software

Workers looking at drilling fluids simulation software program on the computer.

Designing fluid systems that help block invasion and prevent formation damage

OPTIBRIDGE bridging agent selection software from M-I SWACO precisely and quickly selects the optimal blends of correctly sized bridging agents for fluid loss control pills. Using formation data and information about potential materials, the software calculates the best product or mixture of particles to effectively pack a formation and prevent formation damage. These blends form a tighter and less invasive filtercake that seals pores, fractures, or completion screens.

Fulfilling a first step in nondamaging fluid system design

OPTIBRIDGE software determines the ideal particle-size distribution for the bridging material. Whether the fluid is a kill pill, a reservoir drill-in fluid, a system designed for lost circulation, or one for perforation sealing, the fluid system must be precisely formulated with the right bridging agent to block invasion and prevent formation damage.

Calculating and selecting the best blend

OPTIBRIDGE software improves on the ideal packing theory, which takes a graphical approach to determine the optimal sizing of bridging material for specific formation characteristics. The theory examines all the voids in a given formation and considers the full range of particle-size distributions required to fill them effectively. OPTIBRIDGE software matches this with available materials to calculate and select the best blend.
OPTIBRIDGE: Drilling Fluids Simulation Software