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Pump-Through Flapper Safety Valve

Fully opening downhole safety valve

Close up of the downhole tester valves.

In case of a sudden increase in annulus pressure resulting from a tubing leak, the pump-through flapper safety valve provides reliable downhole shut-in. When placed above the recorder carrier, it also acts as a backup shut-in-in tool for the final shut-in, minimizing wellbore storage during the final pressure buildup. The valve also has the ability to pump into the formation, irrespective of tubing or annulus pressure integrity above the valve.

This fully opening downhole safety valve is run into the hole open and is closed permanently when annulus pressure rises about the rupture disc rating. The operator mandrel is biased to internal pressure and locked in the open position to prevent premature closure. Upon bursting the rupture disc, hydrostatic pressure moves the operator mandrel up against an atmospheric chamber, uncovering the spring-loaded flapper. Pumping down the tubing lifts the flapper off its seat and kills the well.

The pump-through flapper safety valve is available in a standard version or versions for ultrahigh-pressure wells that are run with the uHPHT single-shot reservoir testing system’s J- and K-string versions.

pump-through flapper safety valve